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The Omar Khayyam Show

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Spike Milligan made wrote and performed in three series of the radio comedy program The Idiot Weekly for the Australian Broadcasting Commission in 1958-1962. Six episodes were remade by the BBC in 1963 as The Omar Khayyam Show.

The cast was Spike Milligan, John Bluthal, Bob Todd, Bill Kerr and Barry Humphries with music by George Chisholm & his Jolly Jazzers. Brian Wilde appears in episode 1 and Tim Gudgin in episodes 2-6. The producer was Charles Chilton who had also produced some episodes of The Goon Show, on which The Idiot Weekly was based.

It was broadcast weekly from 27 December 1963. The episodes were (in broadcast order) Ned Kelly, The Ashes, The Prime Minister's Trousers, The Flying Dustmen, The America Cup and Walzing Matilda. The scripts had minor changes to remove some references to Australian locations and personalities unfamiliar to British audiences. However some better known personalities remained, notably Sir Donald Bradman.

Commercial release

The complete series has been released on CD as bonus material on The Goon Show Compendium Volume 11 (2015), comprising the best available recordings as detailed above, compiled into complete episodes and remastered by restoration expert Ted Kendall.


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