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The Note (Seinfeld)

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Episode no.  Season 3 Episode 1
Written by  Larry David
Original air date  September 18, 1991
Directed by  Tom Cherones
Production code  301

"The Note" is the 18th episode of Seinfeld. It is the first episode of the show's third season. It aired on September 18, 1991.



Jerry, George, and Elaine get a free physical therapy massage by getting a note from Jerry's dentist (Roy) to present to the insurance company. Jerry's therapist becomes paranoid and thinks Jerry is insane when he makes some casual remarks about a small boy who was kidnapped in Pennsylvania. George becomes very uncomfortable when he finds out that his therapist is a man. He tells Jerry that he thinks 'it moved' during the massage and starts to have doubts about his sexual orientation as he believes movement caused by a man is failing the "gay test". Jerry assures him that his penis just wanted to change positions causing it to shift and that he would only be gay if stimulation was a result of contact.

Meanwhile, Kramer claims he saw Joe DiMaggio in Dunkin' Donuts but the others do not believe him. According to Kramer, DiMaggio was a very 'focused' eater—the same way he used to play; to prove his point, he made noises (such as banging the table and yelping) to get DiMaggio's attention, to which he ignored. Roy gets into trouble for passing around fake notes. In Roy's office, George becomes uncomfortable when Roy repeatedly asks for George's opinion of Evander Holyfield. George says, "I mean, he's a nice guy and a good fighter, but I don't LIKE him." This builds on George's insecurity about his own sexuality. Since he prefers a physical therapist over just a masseuse, Jerry tries to see the physical therapist masseuse once more, but can't because she's afraid he will try to kidnap her son.

The episode ends with the four eating in Monk's, and viewing Joe DiMaggio dunking his donuts (though DiMaggio's face is never seen). George then says, "You see? Now that is a handsome man!" Jerry and Elaine raise their eyebrows. Kramer tries to break DiMaggio's concentration by once again banging the table and yelping.

Theme song

This episode was the only one (other than the original pilot) with a different version of the theme song, which included female back-up singers harmonizing over the iconic slap-bass tune. The singers were added by composer Jonathan Wolff at the request of Jerry Seinfeld, who wanted to add "a little sparkle" to the music, suggesting the addition of some scat lyrics. Seinfeld and executive producer Larry David both liked Wolff's additions, and three episodes were produced with the new style music. However, they had neglected to inform NBC and Castle Rock of the change, and when the season premiere aired, they were surprised and unimpressed, and requested that they return to the original style. The subsequent two episodes were redone, leaving this episode as the only one with the additional music elements. Also, since this episode's credit music played "Joltin' Joe Dimaggio", the full vocal version of the song is unknown.


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