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The Nine Tiny Piglets

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The Nine Tiny Piglets are characters in the Oz series. They first appear in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, owned by the Wizard of Oz and used for a trick in which he uses sleight of hand to make it appear as if he is pulling apart the piglets to make them appear, and pushing them together again to make them disappear. He uses this trick to deceive the Mangaboos.

Eureka expresses a desire to eat the piglets frequently and without any obvious shame or guilt. She makes the attempt to eat Princess Ozma's piglet that was given to her by the Wizard, but fails, though she does not tell this until she has been tried for the offense of devouring the piglet.

In Dorothy and the Wizard, it is said, the piglets are from the Island of Teeny-Weent, where it is a small island and so everything is small. In The Tin Woodman of Oz this is contradicted when it is said that the piglets are the offspring of Mrs. Squealina Swyne and Professor Grunter Swyne, two pigs who live in a small house in the Munchkin Country, and the Wizard came and offered to educate and raise them.


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