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The Nation (Thailand)

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Type  Daily newspaper
Founded  July 1, 1971
Format  Broadsheet
Owner(s)  Nation Multimedia Group
Publisher  Suthichai Yoon, group editor in chief Thepchai Yong, group editor Pana Janviroj, NMG News Co. Ltd.
Editor  Tulsathit Taptim, editor Thanong Khanthong, managing editor

The Nation is a broadsheet, English-language daily newspaper founded in 1971 and published in Bangkok, Thailand, and is owned by the Nation Multimedia Group.


The Nation is a member of the Asia News Network. It is one of two English-language dailies in Bangkok, the other being the Bangkok Post.


The Nation was founded by journalists in 1971 as The Voice of the Nation. The name was eventually shortened to "The Nation."

The paper changed considerably in 1991, when several Thai journalists from the Bangkok Post defected to The Nation.

In 2008, The Nation laid off substantial numbers of staff and under the new editorship of former business editor Thanong Khanthong recast itself as a business newspaper, moving international wire copy to a free tabloid insert, the Daily Xpress.

Editorial line

The Nation and the Bangkok Post are similar in their coverage of international news. Their target audience is English-speaking Thai upper and upper-middle classes. After Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was elected in 2001, several companies associated with him ceased to advertise in The Nation. The newspaper reported the advertising cuts and adopted a vehemently anti-Thaksin editorial line.

Satirical reaction

In December 2007 an unknown person started a satirical website called Not The Nation, a send-up of The Nation's website and coverage of Thai affairs. For a while the website was non-functioning, for unknown reasons. Its pages once featured an image of Abhisit with the quotation: "A perfectly legal site. but we're working on that" and another of Thaksin with the legend, "didn't I sue them out of existence in 2004?" The site later satirized itself with a link to Who Do We Wrongly Think Is Behind NTN?

Linking directly to the site post-2014 Thai coup d'état redirects to a site-suspension notice modified Thu 30 Sep 2010 22:59:26 UTC with image of a hat-rack, hat and orange beach shirt, and the legend: This site has stepped out for a bit. On 3 March 2015, the site restarted "with a new executive staff appointed by Thailand’s military government."


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