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The Movies (The Movies album)

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Released  1975
Artist  The Movies
Producer  Pete Gage
Recorded  1975
Release date  1975
Label  A&M Records
Genres  Latin pop, Soft rock, Pub rock

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The Movies was the debut album by The Movies, released in 1975.


Track listing

Side 1
  1. "Black Country Lady" (Cole, Diggle, Laverde)
  2. "Candy Bar" (Cole, Diggle, Laverde)
  3. "Look For My Light" (Cole)
  4. "Fancy Man" (Cole)
Side 2
  1. "Ladies In Waiting" (Cole, Diggle, Laverde)
  2. "Get Out And Get Under" (Cole, Diggle, Laverde)
  3. "Like A Fool" (Cole, Diggle, Laverde)
  4. "Son, Son, Son" (Cole, Diggle, Laverde)
  5. "Charity Performance" (Cole, Diggle, Laverde)


The Band
  • Jon Cole: lead vocals, guitar
  • Julian Diggle: congas, timbali, percussion, harmonica, vocals
  • Greg Knowles: lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Jamie Lane: drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Durban Laverde: bass, backing vocals
  • Dag Small: Rhodes piano, ARP synth, backing vocals
  • Production
  • Produced by Pete Gage
  • Engineers: Robin Freeman, Chris Kimsey, Denny Bridges
  • Assistant Engineer: Jonathan Kelly
  • References

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