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The Modern Reader's Japanese English Character Dictionary

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Language  English-Japanese
Publication date  1962
Pages  1048
Author  Andrew Nelson
Country  United States of America
Publisher  C. E. Tuttle Co.
Media type  Print
Originally published  1962
Page count  1,048
Subject  Japanese-English character dictionary
Similar  The New Nelson Japanese, Guide to Remembering Japanese, A guide to reading & writing Ja, Japanese Kanji Flashcard, Kodansha Kanji Learner's

The Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character Dictionary (最新漢英辞典, Saishin Kan-Ei jiten) is a kanji dictionary published with English speakers in mind. Although a revised edition by John H. Haig, The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary, was published in 1997, it is still in print, now under the title The Original Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character Dictionary – Classic Edition

The dictionary contains about 5,000 entries, listing characters with their on and kun readings, compounds and English definitions. The entries are arranged by a system devised by the author as an extension of the traditional radical system.


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