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The Memorial Times

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The Memorial Times was a publication of Memorial University College prior to its successor, The Muse.

The Times was started at least as early as November 28, 1936, in a bimonthly format. The periodical continued (with a gap from March 1937-November 30, 1945) until December 19, 1947, by which it had moved to a monthly edition.


  • Michael Harrington, Nov. 28, 1936.
  • I. Newell, May 4, 1937.
  • Al Taylor, Nov. 30-Dec. 18, 1945.
  • Bill Summers, Mar. 20, 1946.
  • F. W. Rowe, Aug. 14, 1946.
  • Edison J. Lowe and John A. Ryan, Nov. 14-Dec. 19, 1947.
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