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The Magnificent Seven (Minus 4) Caballeros

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Story code  D 2004-032
Ink  Don Rosa
Pages  34
Story  Don Rosa
Hero  Donald Duck
Layout  4 rows per page

The Magnificent Seven (Minus 4) Caballeros is a 2005 Disney comic written and drawn by Don Rosa.


Huey, Dewey and Louie pity the depressed Donald Duck because of the mistreatment he receives from his relatives Scrooge McDuck, Gladstone Gander and Daisy Duck. They decide that he needs good friends to help him find his smile again, so they nominate him to deliver some merit badges to the Junior Woodchucks in Rio de Janeiro, they give him a pamphlet containing the woodchucks information on Brazil and they send two telegrams-one for José Carioca and the other one for Panchito Pistoles - to reunite The Three Caballeros.

When Donald arrives in Brazil, he and the other two caballeros enjoy a reunion and decide they need adventure, so at José's suggestion, they become diamond hunters in the Mato Grosso, Donald buys an ox and a llama to explore the interior plateau of Brazil.

Donald is kidnapped by an evil Indian Chief, who traps animals and sells them. The chief tells Donald about the "Mines of Fear." José and Panchito free Donald and the captured animals, but the chief's necklace is caught by Sẽnor Martinez, Panchito's horse, so he goes after them.

The trio camp in the mountains near a swamp where Donald reads information from the pamphlet about a lost city. They see the three shining arcs behind the swamp which form the gate to the lost city. They build a raft and sail to the city where they find the Mines of Ophir, lose their raft and meet a huge anaconda. The chief find their mounts and the mines, so he makes a reed canoe to finds the trio.

The chief takes a bag of jewels and leaves the caballeros to be eaten by the anaconda. When Donald remembers his relatives', he takes a vine, jumps on the chief's canoe and they fight. Donald's bravery inspires José and Panchito to help him. The chief goes over the falls and the caballeros ride the anaconda out of the swamp where they meet the Indian tribe who gives Panchito the necklace his horse found.

The caballeros then return to Rio. José finds fame for his nightclub act, Panchito finds fortune for the ranch he wanted to buy and Donald found his smile again.


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