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The Lure of the Wild

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Directed by  Frank R. Strayer
Edited by  Charles J. Hunt
Running time  6 reels
Director  Frank R. Strayer
Cinematography  George Meehan
Cast  Jane Novak, Alan Roscoe
Starring  Jane Novak Alan Roscoe
Release date  December 12, 1925
Country  USA
Produced by  Harry Cohn
Distributed by  Columbia Pictures
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The Lure of the Wild is a 1925 silent film dramatic thriller directed by Frank R. Strayer and starring Alan Roscoe, Jane Novak and Lightning the Dog. It was produced and released by Columbia Pictures.

A print survives in the Library of Congress collection and also in the National Archives of Canada.


  • Jane Novak - Agnes Belmont
  • Alan Roscoe - Jim Belmont
  • Lightning the Dog - Shep The Dog
  • Billie Jean - Baby Cuddles
  • Richard Tucker - Gordon Daniels
  • Mario Carillo - Poleon Dufresne
  • Pat Harmon - Mike Murdock
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