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The Love Machine (album)

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Released  2001
Length  64:53
The Love Machine (2001)  Hero Worship (2003)
Release date  2001
Genres  Comedy, Pop music
Recorded  2000-2001
Label  SB.com
Artist  Sandra Bernhard
Producer  Sandra Bernhard
Similar  Hero Worship, Excuses for Bad Behavior, Without You I'm Nothing, I'm Still Here Damn It!, Everything Bad & Beautiful

The Love Machine is an album released by singer/comedian/actress Sandra Bernhard. The album is a live recording of her one-woman show of the same title; it combines comedic monologues and musical performances. It was primarily sold at her live shows until it was made available on her official website.


In the performance Bernhard does what she is best known for: she rips apart celebrity culture while commenting on events of the time. Among the topics she addresses: the program Queer as Folk, Rosie O'Donnell, religion and high fashion. Comedian Rosanne Barr makes a guest appearance.

The recording is notoriously unpopular with fans due to the low production quality; it is muffled and low quality.

Track listing

  1. Across 110th Street
  2. Disastrous Trips to Scotland and Other Far Off Lands with the Lady and Bush
  3. Kick Off Your Manolo Blahniks
  4. Burberry Bitches
  5. Downtown Train
  6. The Saga of Channel 35 Public Access
  7. Good Day to Die
  8. Modern Feminism
  9. Get it While We Can
  10. Shabbat in the City
  11. Seussical and the Saga of Rosie
  12. Cruiselines and 99 cent Stores
  13. Shock of the New
  14. Queer as Folk
  15. Nikki Doesn’t Call Me Anymore
  16. A Few of my Favorite Nail Salons
  17. You Shook Me All Night Long, with Roseanne
  18. Salt of the Earth
  19. Encore: Little Red Corvette


1Across 110th Street
2Disastrous Trips to Scotland and Other Far Off Lands with the Lady and Bush
3Kick Off Your Manolo Blahniks


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