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The League (web series)

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Directed by  Joel Rickenbach
Country of origin  United States
First episode date  1 April 2008
Number of episodes  11
Language  English
Composer(s)  Christopher Tolomeo
Original language(s)  English
Number of seasons  2
Genre  Comedy
Created by  Kevin Regan Joel Rickenbach
Starring  Jim Burns Gordon Holmes Kerry Kristine McElrone

The league a fantasy football web series season 2 episode 3

The League is an original scripted content web series created by Kevin Regan and Joel Rickenbach.


Regan does the bulk of the writing, while Rickenbach directs most of the series. It is produced by the duo along with stars Jim Burns and Jim McCabe, and is Executive Produced by George Stulak. The League has a low-budget aesthetic that works perfectly with its tongue-in-cheek tone. It is filmed in Wilmington, DE, and West Chester, PA.

The series chronicles the everyday lives of Hitmen - Todd Britches (Gordon Holmes) and Gary Goldman (Jim Burns)- Think The Odd Couple meets Pulp Fiction. Episodes often feature a dark figure in silhouette known as The Boss, (Matt Lake) giving the League their assignments. In season two, the mysterious Anastasia/Claire (Kerry Kristine McElrone) goes from trying to eliminate The League, to joining their forces.

In September 2008, the series won BusinessWeek's Best of the Web 2008 Award for Humor.

Episode 1 the league a fantasy football web series


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