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The Law Students' Debating Society of Ireland

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The Law Student's Debating Society of Ireland (LSDSI) is an academic student society at King's Inns. The objects of the society is the discussion of legal, historical, and general subjects contributing to and assisting the furtherance of the legal education of its members, the organisation of debates and moot court competitions, sports and entertainment. Membership is limited to current students of the King’s Inns and the society is governed by its own Constitution. At the start of each academic year one student is elected to act as Auditor. The Auditor in turn selects a Committee, with no more than eleven members, to fulfill the objects of the Society.

As per the Constitution the Auditor must invite the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ireland to act as President of the Society. The Chairman of the Irish Bar Council is invited to act as vice president along with two other members of the Law Library or judicial benchers who are nominated by the Committee.

The Society was founded in 1830 and is one of Ireland’s oldest student societies. The society runs from the start of each academic year for the period of one year until the next annual election, this is called a “session”. As academic year of 2010/11 the LSDSI is on its 181st Session.


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