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The Five of Us

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Director  Ghyslaine Cote
Music director  Normand Corbeil
Language  French
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama
Running time  1h 27m
Country  Canada
Elles etaient cinq movie poster
Writer  Chantal Cadieux, Ghyslaine Cote (contributing writer)
Initial release  August 27, 2004 (Quebec City)
Screenplay  Ghyslaine Cote, Chantal Cadieux
Cast  Jacinthe Laguë (Manon), Julie Deslauriers (Anne), Ingrid Falaise (Isa), Brigitte Lafleur (Claudie), Noémie Yelle (Sophie)
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Elles étaient cinq (released with English subtitles as The Five of Us) is a Québécois film, directed and written by Ghyslaine Côté. It was released in theaters in 2004 and on DVD in February 2005.

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Elles étaient cinq tells the story of five teenaged girls, all best friends:

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  • Manon, the shy and passionate one
  • Isa, the model
  • Anne, the serious yet caring one
  • Claudie, the outgoing cook who spends too much time around boys; and
  • Sophie, the singer.

  • The Five of Us Elles taient cinq

    Sophie's parents own a cottage in the country and invited the four girls over for a week-end to celebrate their last few days all together as teenagers. As soon as Sophie's parents leave the girls for the week-end, the girls come up with the idea of a party.

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    With that in mind, two of them, Sophie and Manon (chosen by the toss of a coin) go hitchhiking for a ride to the store to buy beer. A man named Thibodeau picks them up in his car. He drives them past the exit and into the isolated woods where he savagely murders Sophie and rapes Manon.

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    The film cuts to 15 years later where Manon, the survivor, is still healing from the terrible experience of her past. Her three friends have all moved on and are all still trying to get over the death of their friend, some finding it harder than others. But as hard as they try, nothing can be forgotten, especially not when they discover that Thibodeau is said to be released from prison.

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    A story for every person that has been scarred in the past!

    The Five of Us


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