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The Filthy Lucre Tour: Live in Japan

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Genre  Punk rock
Length  67:10

Released  1996 (Laser Disc) Re-issued 2007 (DVD)
Recorded  Tokyo, Japan November 16, 1996
Label  VAII (Laser Disc - Japan) Masterplan (DVD - Europe)

The Filthy Lucre Tour: Live in Japan is a Laser Disc and DVD depicting a live concert recorded and originally released in 1996 by the Sex Pistols.



The concert was recorded live on the Japanese leg of the band's Filthy Lucre Tour. The main tracks are identical to those released on the Filthy Lucre Live album, which had been recorded on the earlier UK leg of the same tour, with the exception that the tracks "Submission" and "Holidays In The Sun" are transposed in the running order. The bonus tracks were recorded during the band's appearance at the 1996 Phoenix Festival.

This release is unique in that it is the only officially available full-length visual record of the band's performances on their 1996 Filthy Lucre Tour.

The laser disc was officially released in Japan only by VAII and is currently deleted. The DVD version with a slightly amended title was made available in Europe through Masterplan in 2007.

Track listing

  1. "Bodies"
  2. "Seventeen"
  3. "New York"
  4. "No Feelings"
  5. "Did You No Wrong"
  6. "God Save the Queen"
  7. "Liar"
  8. "Satellite"
  9. "(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone"
  10. "Submission"
  11. "Holidays in the Sun"
  12. "Pretty Vacant"
  13. "EMI"
  14. "Anarchy in the UK"
  15. "Problems"
Bonus tracks recorded at Phoenix Festival, UK, 21 July 1996

16. "Anarchy in the UK"
17. "Problems"
Note: The DVD release incorrectly credits the bonus tracks as being recorded in the USA.


John Lydon: Vocals
Glen Matlock: Bass guitar & backing vocals
Paul Cook: Drums
Steve Jones: Guitar & backing vocals


The Filthy Lucre Tour: Live in Japan Wikipedia

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