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The Complete Naughty Bits

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The Complete Naughty Bits is a DVD consisting of two previously released compilation VHS tapes of The Kenny Everett Video Show and Video Cassette, Kenny Everett's Naughty Bits, More of Kenny Everett's Naughty Bits and The Complete of Kenny Everett's Naughty Bits. Neither are highly regarded by fans due to the heavy editing of sketches. It was released by Fremantle Media on Region 2 in the UK, and by Umbrella Entertainment on Region 4 in Australia and New Zealand. To date, it is the only DVD release of Everett's work.


Opening: Naughty Bits (as seen in Series 1, but with Theme from Shaft overdubbed).

Ken with TVs: Welcome to the show.

Hot Gossip: Sleazy (by The Village People).

Angry of Mayfair: Too good for you!

Marcel Wave: I'm French, you know.

Captain Kremmen: The Great Cinerama Banana Drama Part I (edited to remove picture of Tony Blackburn).

Percy Fatingapart: Britt Ekland.

Sid Snot: Happy mask of comedy.

Helium Baby: Somewhere else to sleep.

Ken with TVs: That old Cliff Richard clip.

Ken with TVs: Radar Gun.

Marcel Wave: My Guitar.

Kenny's Shot (with Bernard Manning).

Commercial time/Ken with TVs: Finger Power.

Cliff Richard: Too old.

Captain Kremmen: The Great Cinerama Banana Drama Part II (edited version, the most part from Series 2, Episode 2 and some from Series 2, Episode 3).

Billy Banter: The Irish Water Polo Team Joke.

30 Second Theatre: Appointment with Death.

Cliff Richard: Off!

Ken without set: Billy the Dancing Bucket.

Sid Snot: Ballet.

Captain Kremmen: The Great Cinerama Banana Drama Part III.

Helium Baby: Two bottles of milk on a doorstep.

Star Quiz: Michael Aspel (with Lionel Blair).

Angry of Mayfair: Enjoyment isn't everything.

Sid Snot: Pigeons.

Ken with TVs: Part II.

Hot Gossip: "Shaft" Part #1.

Tinselman (intro has been edited out).

Cliff Richard: I'm nearly famous now.

Ken with TVs: Apology to Cliff.

Captain Kremmen: The Great Cinerama Banana Drama Part IV.

Hot Gossip, "Shaft", Part #2.

US Army General: Bomb the Bastards!

Angry of Mayfair: Uhm! I liked that.

Camping exhibition No.1.

Marcel Wave: Adultery.

Sid Snot: Martini.

Captain Kremmen: The Great Cinerama Banana Drama V.

Ken with TVs: This Week's Naughty Bits.

Hot Gossip: "Floyd's Them" (by Natural Juice).

Captain Kremmen: The Great Cinerama Banana Drama VI (edit of Series 2, Episodes 9 & 10).

Brother Lee Love/Parody Music Clip: Hot Gossip.

Silly Cowboy: Postman.

Ken and Cliff Richard: Livin' Doll.

Ken with TVs.

Credit Sequence.

Opening: Naughty Bits.

Ken with TVs: Welcome to the show. See also Happy New Year!

Helium Baby: The old woman who lived in a shoe.

Ken in a shower: Hot Gossip Watching Container.

Hot Gossip: "The No.1 Song in Heaven" (by Sparks).

Sid Snot with David Essex: A bike named Trigger.

Fulcrum: Success with Dick Thrust.

Commercial time: Stench-a-Way.

Brother Lee Love/Parody Music Clip: The best boogie show.

Video Vault (with George the fireman): Technics Cassette Tape advert from Japan.

Sid Snot: Remembering school days?

Hot Gossip: "Money" (by The Lizards).

Captain Kremmen: Free Love.

Björn Borg: A star is Bjorn.

Marcel Wave: The first man you have ever loved?

Cough Man: (Cough).

Commercial time: Hootermatic.

Marcel Wave: This is your life.

Sid Snot with David Essex: Sardines.

Golf playing during gentle music.

Construction workers: Egg and onion sandwiches (with Terry Wogan).

Marcel Wave: Second fiddle.

Mega Star Time: Barry Manilow meets Barbra Streisand.

Sid Snot: What you've got in your bag?

Commercial time: Repel-a-thug.

Fulcrum: Hot Gossip.

Hot Gossip (with Bob Geldof): "The Hardest Part" (by Blondie).

30 Second Theatre: The Inspector Called.

Percy Fatingapart: Life can't be all fun.

Sid Snot: Trouble with bike.

Brother Lee Love/Parody Music Clip: I'm Brother Lee.

Phony phone call: Too much echo.

Silly Cowboy: Act like a man.

Billy Banter: Irish wood worm.

Angry of Mayfair: Recipes.

Eat your guest: Sardine interview.

Commercial time: Fragropan.

Scottish Studios: Taste the tartan.

Sid Snot with David Essex: Gold watch.

Helium Baby: A Watch for my birthday.

Marcel Wave: Hot Gossip Diary.

Captain Kremmen: IQ Test.

Fulcrum: Wonderful and terrible.

Brother Lee Love: Hot Gossip.

Silly Cowboy: Harvey Wallbanger.

Sid Snot: Old People.

Marcel Wave with David Essex: The Mirror.

Captain Kremmen: Traveling light.

Commercial time: Mightyboots.

Brother Lee Love: Hot Gossips' obscene.

George Graft: Backhander.

Sid Snot: Cinema.

Angry of Mayfair with mic: Moronic.

Silly Cowboy: Dying for a drink!

Commercial time/Marcel Wave: Hot Gossip Cereal.

Hot Gossip: "Hot Child in the City" (by Nick Gilder).

Helium Baby: Toilet water.

Russian man: Revolution.

Sid Snot with David Essex: TV off the Back of a Lorrie.

Ken with TVs: Letter from a viewer.

Captain Kremmen: Only three minutes to live.

Star Quiz: Terry Wogan.

Ken with TVs: Thank you for Lord Thames.

Marcel Wave: The Naughty French Strip.



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