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The Brotherhood (professional wrestling)

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Name(s)  The Brotherhood
Disbanded  2000
Debut  1997
Years active  1997–2000
Members  Knuckles Nelson Rick Fuller Dukes Dalton Erich Sbraccia Tony Rumble (manager)
Promotions  CWA / NWA New England WWF

The Brotherhood was a professional wrestling faction in Century Wrestling Alliance / NWA New England. The faction was managed by NWA New England's owner Tony Rumble and consisted of Knuckles Nelson as its main member. He won the NWA World Tag Team Championship three times with all the members of the faction on separate occasions.


Century Wrestling Alliance / NWA New England (1997-2000)

In 1997, Tony Rumble formed a villainous faction in his promotion Century Wrestling Alliance (CWA). He became the faction's manager and named it The Brotherhood. Its members included Knuckles Nelson, Rick Fuller, Dukes Dalton and Erich Sbraccia.

Nelson and Sbraccia were pushed as a successful tag team of the promotion, winning the CWA Tag Team Championship on October 18, 1997, defeating The Extremists (Ace Darling and Devon Storm). In 1998, CWA joined National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and the tag titles being held by Nelson and Sbraccia were renamed NWA New England Tag Team Championship. Nelson and Sbraccia were forced to vacate the tag team title. They had been pushed as the promotion's dominant and top tag team. At NWA's 50th Anniversary Show, Nelson and Sbraccia were accompanied by their manager Tony Rumble and defeated The Border Patrol (Agent Gunn and Agent Maxx), Team Extreme (Kit Carson and Khris Germany) and Tully Blanchard and Tom Prichard in a Four Corners match for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Tony Rumble tried to keep the NWA World Tag Team Title in NWA New England but failed in all of his efforts. On February 26, 1999, Nelson and Sbraccia failed in defending the title at a NWA event. As a result, they were stripped of the tag title on March 3. Shortly thereafter, Sbraccia suffered an injury which forced him to leave Brotherhood. The rest of the members of the faction, Rick Fuller and Dukes Dalton would substitute for Sbraccia and team with Nelson. On June 10, 1999, Nelson and Fuller won the NWA World Tag Team Championship by defeating Team Extreme. On June 17, they were defeated by The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock) for the titles.

On June 19, Brotherhood regained the NWA World Tag Team Championship when Nelson and Dalton teamed to defeat Public Enemy. On August 22, Nelson and Dalton would win the NWA New England Tag Team Championship by defeating Ark Angels (Damon D'Arcangelo and Phoenix King). On September 22, they lost the titles to New York Posse (Curtis Slamdaug and Jay Kobain). At NWA's 51st Anniversary Show, Nelson and Dalton while being managed by Jeff Katz would lose the NWA World Tag Team Titles to Team Extreme. On October 2, Nelson and Dalton defeated New York Posse for their second NWA New England Tag Team Title. They held the titles until February 2000 when the team eventually split, marking the end of Brotherhood.

World Wrestling Federation (1999)

The Brotherhood made several appearances in World Wrestling Federation (WWF). On May 8, 1999 episode of Shotgun, Knuckles Nelson and Eric Sbraccia competed in Singles Matches against Hardcore Holly and Mideon and jobbed to their opponents. On October 30 episode of Jakked, Nelson and Dukes Dalton jobbed to The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher).

Championships and accomplishments

  • Century Wrestling Alliance / NWA New England
  • NWA World Tag Team Championship (3 times) - Nelson & Sbraccia (1), Nelson & Fuller (1), Nelson & Dalton (1)
  • CWA Tag Team Championship (3 times) - Nelson & Sbraccia (1), Nelson & Dalton (2)
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