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The Billions of Arsène Lupin

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Originally published  1941
Illustrator  André Pécoud
Author  Maurice Leblanc
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The Billions of Arsène Lupin is a detective novel by Maurice Leblanc about gentleman thief Arsène Lupin. The novel appeared in 29 daily serials, illustrated by Jean Oberle in Auto from 10 January to 11 February 1939, then published in volume 16 in Hachette (Collection "The Enigma" No. 13) in November 1941, with illustrations by André Pécoud.

The Hachette edition of 1941, a story that has not been written, in fact, beyond 1939, is the only edition in 1987 before insertion of this ultimate story of Arsène Lupin in the collection of Francis Lacassin (Volume 4, published in 1987). Thus, there are two posthumous editions. It is likely that illness and death had prevented the author of completing this novel; the family has refused for 46 years to a second issue, to respect the memory of the novelist. "If not adhere to this rule is to avoid compromising the completeness of our edition" 2.

The Hachette edition 1941 is incomplete: one of the 29 operas "L'Auto", n ° 23 of February 3, 1939, was omitted by mistake. Error repeated in the reissue Robert Laffont 1987: Volume 4 of "Mouthpieces" collection is similarly amputated.


Patricia, a young American, assistant James Allermy Mac is very popular with his boss. The latter based in the United States, "Hello-Police", a tabloid that chronicles the criminal acts, and plans for his invaluable secretary a great professional future. He is aware that the pretty woman was seduced and abandoned, to his great regret, by his own son, who finally made a marriage more in line with his fortune. As a result of this connection, Patricia found herself a single mother, but the presence of Rudolph, a young child, give him the courage to face life. An event will however give another twist to its existence.

She underwent one evening in the premises of the company itself, an attack by an individual called "The Wild" (The Rough). She is saved in extremis by a man of strength and reassuring tranquility she does not know more, but which the bandit, astonished at his superiority, the question strange for her: "Would you Arsene Lupin by chance? "

Why the famous gentleman thief was it in America? Why, after a mysterious nocturnal meeting of eleven men, Mac Allermy and business lawyer are they murdered, a knife in his heart? What's in the brown leather briefcase stolen Mac Allermy the night of his death, and now owned by The Wild, who speaks of an immense fortune?

Fortune! The magic word to appear and disappear Lupin. Patricia hand instinctively to France (the boat trip will be hectic) because it was the intended destination of his late boss, now she wants revenge. It is also the favorite actor for a heavily armed complicated and dangerous business field, and who gave him at their first meeting, a silver whistle: "In case of danger, relentlessly whistle. I will come ... "


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