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The Bear (Two Guys and a Girl)

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Episode no.  Season 4 Episode 1
Production code  4ABZ01
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Written by  Leonard R. Garner, Jr.
Original air date  October 6, 2000
Directed by  Donald Beck Vince Calandra

"The Bear" is the first episode in the fourth season of Two Guys and a Girl



The show opens with a flashback to Sharon & Johnny's Wedding, where we find Berg and Irene dancing together. They both lament that what they're doing is wrong but then Irene jumps up and wraps her arms around Berg's neck.

The scene then shifts to "the morning after" where Berg and Irene are shown in bed together. They are both ashamed of what's happened the night before. They make a vow never to tell anyone about what they've done. As she walks away, she reveals a large tattoo of a tiger's head covering her entire back.

Pete and Marti are continuing their training at Fireman Boot Camp. Pete is doing very well there. Marti is impressed by Pete's performance and the two decide to meet for a rendezvous in a supply shed that evening.

Johnny and Sharon are celebrating their honeymoon in a hotel suite, but Johnny becomes increasingly bothered as Sharon continues to consume items from the mini-bar. Eventually Johnny leaves Sharon to go to a convenience store to purchase replacement items.

Pete arrives at the supply shed for his date with Marti. He discovers that a small bear has entered the shed. Pete attempts to take some snack food away from the bear and the bear attacks him. Pete has to return home while he recovers from his wounds.

Irene goes to Berg in a panic and lets him know that a photographer at Johnny and Sharon's wedding may have taken pictures of the two of them making out.

Ashley drops by to visit Pete. She is very upset with Pete because he (as a joke) told her Ashley's boyfriend (Nomar Garciaparra) that she was having an affair with Berg. Nomar believed Pete and could no longer trust Ashley, which lead to their break-up.

Irene and Berg are at the photographer’s shop and eventually find the photos of them together, but learn that other copies of the photos have been delivered to Sharon and Johnny. Berg and Irene break into Sharon and Johnny’s apartment to steal the photographs, but find out that Johnny and Sharon have returned from the honeymoon earlier than expected. Irene sets fire to the wedding photos (destroying the evidence of their night together) and when asked to explain why she’s done it, she tells Sharon and Johnny that she’s saving them all from the evil (because each photograph steals a bit of their soul).

Berg and Irene leave and Johnny and Sharon continue their fight about Johnny’s behavior on the previous night (regarding the items from the mini-bar). Johnny explains that he’s being overly frugal because they need to watch their spending because he spent a lot of money on his wedding gift to her.

Marti arrives at Pete and Berg’s apartment and Pete is upset with her because she hadn’t visited him sooner. She tells him that she hadn’t dropped by earlier because she didn’t think that his injuries were that severe (the other firefighters at camp had been making jokes about it). He lets her know that he was disappointed that she wasn’t there for him. Marti eventually storms out.

Johnny takes Sharon to see the house that he’s bought. It’s a 200-year-old Victorian row house that has certainly seen better days. Sharon is so disappointed when she sees it that she begins to cry, but Johnny allays her fears by promising her that he would turn that rundown old home into a castle for her.

Berg and Irene bump into each other in the foyer of their apartment building and discuss the events of the night before. They both admit that they’d had a strange but fun day together, but they also admit that they’re relieved that they were able to destroy the photographs and that no one would find out about their tryst. They shake hands in salute to their good fortune. The next scene shows them in bed together, just as they were the previous morning, regretting that they’d fallen into bed again so easily.

As The Closing Credits Roll

Johnny is shown breaking into the hotel room that he’d shared with Sharon on their honeymoon in an attempt to replace all of the items that were consumed from the mini-bar.

Connections to other episodes

  • Irene's tattoo (a tiger's face that covers her entire back) is revealed for the first time. It will be seen again in the episode, "The Love Boat".
  • Main

  • Traylor Howard as Sharon Donnelly née Carter
  • Ryan Reynolds as Michael "Berg" Bergen
  • Richard Ruccolo as Pete Dunville
  • Suzanne Cryer as Ashley Walker
  • Nathan Fillion as Johnny Donnelly
  • Jillian Bach as Irene
  • Secondary and Guests

  • Tiffani Thiessen as Marti
  • Christopher Darga as Barton
  • Charles Emmett as Fireman's Boot-camp Instructor
  • References

    The Bear (Two Guys and a Girl) Wikipedia

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