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The Athenaeum (Acadia University)

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The Athenaeum is the official student newspaper at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It was founded in 1874, initially as a student literary magazine. The Athenaeum continued in its original format until the 1940s, at which point it became a more traditional newspaper.

It has a circulation of 2000 per issue to the Acadia campus and the community of Wolfville. It is available free of charge and is distributed to local businesses and many on-campus buildings.

The Editor in chief for 2015-16 is Andrew Haskett.

Past Editors-in-Chief

2014-15 - Stephanie Bethune

2013-14 - Iain Bauer

2012-13 - Qasim Kareemi

2011-12 - Vanessa Gallant

2010-11 - Angela Johnson

2009-10 - Tim Hansen

2008-09 - Fraser MacKinnon-Blair.

2007-08 - Lucas Timmons

2006-07 - Angela Wilson

2005-06 - Sarah O'Connor

2004-05 - Jon Flemming

2003-04 - Janice Hudson


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