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The Amazing Boobzilla

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Name  The Boobzilla

The amazing boobzilla the first sword swallower to swallow a sword in the globe of death

Sandra Kalista was born April 30, 1983 in Chicago. She is better known by her stage name The Amazing Boobzilla and is a performance artist and sideshow performer based in the Oklahoma City area. She is also a working Carny and Street performer. She has become locally famous for her strong-woman act, which involves lifting heavy weights (up to 200 pounds) with her breasts. She is a living human oddity as a woman with gigantomastia... her breasts will not stop growing until menopause. Rather than suffering with her condition and the social stigma that surrounds it, she has chosen to embrace it and use it to her advantage. She works to push the boundaries of what is acceptable as performance art in society. She detests what she sees as the objectification and disempowerment of women and works to inspire and empower women in the largely conservative state of Oklahoma through her art.


She has numerous television appearances, including Jerry Springer Show Pay-Per-View specials (Mardi-Gras and Return of the Fan Favorites) where she was hired to perform sideshow acts, including her signature boob lift act, human blockhead, walking on broken glass, and a tarot reading.

Boobzilla started professionally showcasing her freakshow talent in Denver, when she was performing in C.E.I. (Colorado's Elusive Ingredient) which is a local Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast. She shocked her audiences regularly by lifting various items such as phone books using nothing but her bare breasts. She later joined the Crispy Family Carnival where she learned to be the perfect assistant, danced on broken glass, survived the bed of nails, became Ms Electra, and brought her unique strongwoman routine to new heights. She followed the carnival to its new home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, before she decided to break off on her own, creating a new group, the Carnival of Cleavage. This group of all-women performers challenged the notion that only men could do the tough acts in sideshow and helped establish Boobzilla as an entertainment force in Oklahoma.

With the Carnival of Cleavage currently on hiatus, Boobzilla has started another troupe, the "Oh No!" Variety Show, featuring the talents of herself, David the Goliath, and Bear Lee. This group is a self-described punk-rock cabaret with a sideshow spin. The Amazing Boobzilla can be seen touring the nation regularly. Check out her website or Facebook pages for a current schedule.

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