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The Advocate (2013 film)

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Initial release  19 April 2013
Director  Shravan Kumar

The Advocate is a 2013 Gujarati film, made in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The film is written and directed by Shravan Kumar and produced by Ashutosh Patel. The film features Bharat Thakker and Morli Patel in the leading roles, with score by Samir Raval and cinematography by Raoji Sondarva.

This film narrates the story of a struggling lawyer, Dilip Dave, who is not able to fulfill bare minimum needs of his family and lives a miserable life, both personal and professional. One day he comes across with a mystical person, who offers him to help to overcome his problems and make him very rich, on the condition that he has to accept a Satan as his savior and undergo a satanic ritual. This ritual would equip him with supernatural powers that will make him capable to read the mind of any person in front of him.

The lawyer, faced with severe poverty, agrees to the deal. He assumes extra-natural powers and becomes extremely successful in his profession, which brings wealth and fame in abundance to him. But this supernatural power takes away his peace of mind and disturbs his personal life, as he accidentally reads the mind of his own wife.


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