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The Adventures of Hijitus

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The Adventures of Hijitus is an Argentine animated series created in 1967 by Spanish cartoonist Manuel García Ferré. It was the first animated series in Latin America intended for television market, and has been considered the most successful series in the history of Latin American cartoons.

The series was first broadcast on August 7, 1967, by the Canal 13, in the form of firmware daily 1 minute in length, which was repeated throughout the day at different times, then coming to the cinema in film format.

The strip is starring Hijitus a street child who lives in a sanitary sewer in the city of Trulalá that is ravaged by the actions of Professor Neurus, among others. To defend Trulalá and particularly his friends (Oaky, Pichichus, Anteojito and Larguirucho), Hijitus becomes in Super Hijitus a superhero with great force, capable of flying.

Main characters

  • Hijitus / Super Hijitus: Hijitus is a poor boy who lives on the street, within a sanitary sewer, with his dog Pichichus. He has a gang of friends, composed by Oaky, Pichichus and Larguirucho. He is characterized by a sense of friendship, justice and solidarity, and always wears a hat and a blue bottomless galley. Hijitus can become "Super Hijitus" by passing through the hat and saying "Hat, sombreritus, make me a Super Hijitus!". As Super Hijitus, he is indestructible and can fly, abilities he uses to face the villain of the series, Professor Neurus. His favorite expression is " Ojalita, ojalata, chuculita, chuculata, fufu... and choo, choo, choo, choo."
  • Pichichus: Hijitus' dog and friend. He can also become Super Pichichus if he passes through Hijitus' hat. Hijitus adopted him in the adventure called "An UFO Trulalá", where he defends Hijitus from wild stray dogs, becoming Hijitus' mascot and his faithful sidekick. He doesn't talk, with his dialogues consisting of barking .
  • Oaky : The son of the richest man in Trulalá, Gold Silver. He is a baby, and is Hijitus' main friend. He wears diapers and two pistols. His favorite motto is "shoot, mess and cosha golda". He is a very spoiled and pampered child, which has led him to ally with Neurus on more than one occasion. Despite this antagonistic tendency, Oaky is a good-hearted boy, and very brave for his age.
  • Anteojito: A boy about 8 years old who wears big glasses (hence his name) and is cheerful and positive. He lives with his uncle Antifaz. Both Anteojito and Antifaz had a separate development within the Hijitus Universe, living in another city (Villa Trompeta), besides having their own magazine (Anteojito Magazine). However, he began to appear on Hijitus' adventures eventually.
  • Larguirucho: A tall, ungainly and stupid mouse who is friends with Hijitus and is part of his gang, but also occasionally participates on the side of the evil Professor Neurus without being fully aware of the evil of their deeds. Larguirucho is known for being a good friend with good feelings, but little intelligence to distinguish right from wrong. His favorite phrase when he is called is to respond to the caller with "Blá má fuete, que no te ecucho" ("'Peak mo' lodly, I can't 'ear you"). He is the only character who has appeared in every Manuel García Ferré movie.
  • Professor Neurus: The main antagonist of the series. He is an evil scientist, whose aim is to take power in Trulalá with the help of his inventions. He is aided by his henchmen Pucho and Serrucho, sometimes also adding Larguirucho to his gang. His favorite phrase is "Shut up, dumber!". Professor Neurus is also memorable for his way of distributing the spoils after a criminal act: "One for you, two for me, one for you, ten for me, another for you, everything for me." On one occasion, Professor Neurus used a monstrous contraption called The Marañaza to steal Gold Silver's fortune, with the help of Oaky, who wanted to "have more money than his daddy."
  • Pucho: A mouse henchman under the orders of Professor Neurus. He is a typical "inmate" of Buenos Aires' slums, talking in slang and constantly having a "fag" (cigarette) in the mouth, which can transform into any object. Pucho is a tango aficionado and permanently uses the words "This that..." to start a sentence.
  • Serrucho: The other of Profesor Neurus' henchmen. He is a mouse with a similar aspect to Largirucho and Pucho, but being much shorter in height, with a hat that entirely covers his eyes, and also sporting enormous front teeth. He doesn't talk; instead, he vigorously grinds his teeth with a hand as if it was a serrucho ("saw"), hence his name.
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