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Terry Woods (Emmerdale)

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Portrayed by  Billy Hartman
First appearance  2 February 1995
Introduced by  Mervyn Watson
Father  Duke Woods
TV show  Emmerdale
Duration  1995–2011
Last appearance  13 January 2011
Played by  Billy Hartman
Occupation  Businessperson
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Spin-off appearances  The Dingles Down Under (1997)
Similar  Viv Hope, Dawn Woods, Louise Appleton, Alan Turner, Danny Daggert

Terence "Terry" Woods was a fictional character in the British soap opera Emmerdale played by Billy Hartman. He was one of the longest-serving characters in the show when he was killed-off alongside Viv Hope (Deena Payne) in early 2011, after 16 years. Terry currently serves as the twenty-second longest running character in the history of the show.


Terry Woods (Emmerdale) Emmerdale39s Terry Woods


Terry Woods (Emmerdale) Emmerdale39s Terry Woods

When Terry Woods and his wife Britt arrive in Emmerdale, no one is impressed by their brash attitude. As managers of the Woolpack, the couple have a pivotal position in the community but are unable to stay out of trouble with landlord Alan Turner. Although Terry dotes on Britt, it is clear their marriage is in trouble and when they are offered their own bar in New York City, Britt goes alone. The marriage limps on but Terry discovers that Britt is having an affair and they divorce.

Terry Woods (Emmerdale) Emmerdale39s Louise Appleton News Stories

Now single, Terry takes up ballroom dancing with Viv Windsor, wife of his best friend, Vic, as his partner. After a while, they begin an affair and when Vic finds out, Viv and their daughter, Donna, move into the Woolpack with Terry. Terry and Viv's relationship does not last and she and Donna go back to live with Vic and his daughter Kelly.

Terry Woods (Emmerdale) Emmerdale39s Terry Woods

Terry’s job at the Woolpack comes to a violent end in 1998 when he sleeps with Alan Turner’s granddaughter, Tricia Stokes, only to discover she is also sleeping with Scott Windsor. When he exposes Tricia's lack of morals in front of the entire pub, Alan punches Terry and fires him.

Terry Woods (Emmerdale) Emmerdale behind the scenes Emmerdale39s Terry Woods Billy Hartman

On Christmas Day 1998, Terry goes to visit Vic at the post office and discovers his body after he has been killed by Billy Hopwood during a robbery. In 2000, Terry starts working for Chris Tate. Terry is there for Chris when he needs someone to talk to and Chris knows he can trust Terry with anything, leading to a strong friendship between the two men. Terry is saddened when Chris commits suicide in September 2003.

Terry later develops feelings for Woolpack barmaid Louise Appleton but she is dating businessman Ray Mullen. When Louise realises she is being stalked, she thinks Terry is responsible but eventually learns that Ray is responsible. When the truth comes out on Christmas Day 2002, Louise and Ray fight and she accidentally kills him. She calls Terry for help and they cover up Ray’s death. Thinking their relationship had developed, Terry tries to kiss Louise but she rejects him. Needing a break, he goes on holiday to Spain and whilst there, falls in love with a young woman called Dawn, and she comes back to Emmerdale with him. Only then does Terry discover that she is Bob Hope's daughter. They are soon engaged, horrifying Dawn's parents. Despite their objections, Terry and Dawn marry and in 2003, Dawn discovers that she is pregnant.


Terry's son, T.J. (Terry Junior), is born on 19 October 2003, but when T.J is just a few days old, Terry has a serious stroke and nearly dies. He clings to life and Dawn helps nurse him back to health. However, Dawn struggles with caring for Terry and T.J, putting their marriage under strain and Terry was heartbroken when Dawn left him for her stepbrother Scott Windsor. After a brief custody battle, Terry and Dawn’s relationship improves and their lives become more stable.

In the meantime, Louise discovers that she has feelings for Terry after all and they get together and decide to buy the B&B from Alan Turner. However, Louise is attracted to newcomer Matthew King and is unable to resist when he starts flirting with her. Soon they begin an affair behind Terry’s back. It goes on for weeks and Terry finds out when Louise ends their relationship just as they are about to complete the sale of the B&B. Terry is furious but now that Louise is living with Matthew, he loses interest and realising her mistake, Louise begs him for a second chance but Terry is not interested.

He throws himself into work and takes a job as Tom King’s chauffeur. When Bob marries Viv again, Terry spends the night with Jean Hope and they agree it was a one off but eventually reconcile. Terry and Jean are devastated when Dawn is imprisoned for benefit fraud and the trauma brings them back together. They begin a relationship but determined to keep it a secret, Jean flirts with Tom King, but the relationship is exposed when Terry and Jean are caught having sex in public and are arrested. Tom, feeling foolish, sacks them both so they decide to buy the B&B from Alan Turner. Terry could not afford to buy it when he and Louise split up so Jean agrees to go into business with him, deciding to sell her hotel in Spain. Unfortunately it emerges that she could not afford to go into business with Terry but Louise jumps at the chance, selling her share of The Woolpack to Val Lambert. Jean is unhappy about this but she and Louise eventually come to an agreement.

Dawn finds out about Terry and Jean's relationship when she is released from prison and furiously insists that they end it but Jean refuses. Dawn goes to Newquay to think things over and clear her head and when she returns, Dawn tells them that she and T.J are moving to Cornwall. Hurt at the prospect of losing contact with his son, Terry threatens to sue for custody but backs down when he realizes that he is tearing the family apart. On the day Dawn and T.J are due to leave, TJ is with Terry for the day so Dawn could pack but Terry returns T.J later than planned, so he and Dawn miss their flight. While waiting for Terry, Donna, persuades Dawn to go and see her and her husband Marlon's new home at the Kings River development, along with the rest of the village. During the opening there is a huge gas explosion, making the show home collapse, and Dawn dies after suffering internal injuries. Although Terry is sad Dawn has died, he is relieved not to lose his son and gains custody of T.J. Dawn's family, however, are devastated and Dawn's father, Bob, and brother, Jamie, begin a campaign for justice for the people who died. Jean grows tired of Bob's obsession and asks Terry to talk sense into him. When Tom offers compensation, Jean accepts as she sees it as the Kings admitting liability and plans to leave the country with T.J for a fresh start. When Terry finds out, he races to the airport to stop her but she and T.J leave for Morocco. Terry is devastated. Terry holds a grudge against Tom for losing him contact with his son and when Tom is murdered on Christmas Day 2006, Terry is a prime suspect. Shortly after Tom's death, Terry disappears and returns with T.J a few weeks later after going to Morocco and persuading Jean to give him back. He is questioned by the police as a suspect in the murder investigation but is released without charge.

Terry's father, Duke, arrives in Emmerdale in June 2007. Louise had seen Duke Woods appearing as a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show, speaking out against anti-social young men. Duke's friend, Andrea Hayworth, persuades Terry to ask Duke to visit for a while in the hope they would reconcile. They do not reconcile completely but learn to respect each other a little more. Duke hopes that Terry and Andrea will get together, as they are both single parents. Andrea is keen to embark on a relationship but Terry is not.

Terry is scared when T.J is admitted to hospital in 2008 after food poisoning strikes the village and the surrounding area. T.J contracts E coli and a possible cause is Jo Sugden's organic goat cheese. Jo is cleared and Environmental Health tells Jo and Terry that a local supermarket is responsible. Since then, Terry concentrates on looking after his son and his business. After his former girlfriend, Viv Hope is imprisoned for fraud, Terry and Jamie ask Bob and their twins to move in with them. Bob needs company and the twins are company for T.J. Terry later embarks on a relationship with Brenda Walker. T.J does not like her at first but comes round eventually. Brenda moves in with Terry and T.J and eventually convinces Terry to sell the B&B to Eric and Val Pollard. Brenda is later angry with Terry when she discovers that her adopted daughter Gennie had slept with Bob whilst Viv was in prison. Bob had told Terry but Terry lets Bob stay with him and T.J briefly after Viv throws him out. Terry begins work as a limousine driver with Rodney Blackstock.

In December 2010, Terry becomes close to Viv again after the shop is burgled numerous times. He helps Viv install a new lock on the flat door and after injuring his hand he looks for a first aid kit and discovers items lost in the burglaries and an alleged mugging Viv claimed had occurred when she had been taking the money from the till to the bank. Terry confronts Viv and she tells him that she faked some of the burglaries and the mugging in order to get Bob's attention as she had been feeling lonely after their split. Terry reassures Viv and she promises never to do anything like that again. Terry later invites Viv over for drinks with him and Brenda and they get on well, much to Brenda's discomfort. After Christmas, Terry encourages Viv to move on from Bob and find a new boyfriend and take up salsa dancing classes again. Viv agrees and asks Terry to come with her as she felt he had been a good dance partner before. Terry agrees and decides not to tell Brenda for fear of her getting the wrong idea. Viv mistakes Terry's friendliness as a sign that he wanted to restart their relationship and on 11 January 2011, when he drops her off at the café, she kisses him. Terry hesitates at first then goes home. He later confides in Bob what happened with Viv and he tells Bob that he intends to set her straight and goes to visit her. Unbeknownst to Terry, Brenda sees him as he enters the café. Viv is waiting in the flat with a bottle of wine and Terry explains to her that they cannot be together as he is with Brenda. He also explains that she is a special friend to him and that he was trying to cheer her up. Viv accepts his explanation and Terry leaves and goes home. Brenda confronts him about his meetings and dance classes with Viv and accuses him of having an affair with her. Terry denies it but before he can tell her the truth, they hear shouts outside and are told the houses are on fire and that they should leave their home in case it spreads. Terry packs a bag and gets T.J ready but Brenda continues to pester him about Viv. Terry takes Brenda and T.J to Carl King's house and goes back to help with the rescue effort. Terry finds out that Viv is trapped in the shop with the twins and he and Bob go into the building to rescue them, despite Brenda begging Terry not to go. Bob gets out safely after rescuing the twins but Terry is not with him. The post office and shop explodes and Terry and Viv are killed. Brenda is devastated when the chief firefighter tells them that the ferocity of the blaze means that he had to remove his men from the building. Brenda breaks down as she comes to terms with the fact that Terry is dead and regrets arguing with him and Bob remarks that both his wife and his best friend have gone.

Terry Woods (Emmerdale)


Terry Woods (Emmerdale) Wikipedia

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