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Territorial evolution of Idaho

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Territorial evolution of Idaho

The following timeline traces the territorial evolution of the U.S. State of Idaho.


  • Historical territorial claims of Spain in the present State of Idaho:
  • Gran Cuenca, 1776–1821
  • Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819
  • Historical international territory in the present State of Idaho:
  • Oregon Country, 1818–1846
  • Anglo-American Convention of 1818
  • Provisional Government of Oregon (extralegal), 1843–1849
  • Oregon Treaty of 1846
  • Historial political divisions of the United States in the present State of Idaho:
  • Unorganized territory created by the Oregon Treaty, 1846–1848
  • Territory of Oregon, 1848–1859
  • State of Deseret (extralegal), 1849–1850
  • Territory of Washington, 1853–1889
  • Territory of Idaho, 1863-1890
  • State of Idaho since 1890
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