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Terricola (subgenus)

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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Arvicolinae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Subgenus
Family  Cricetidae
Tribe  Arvicolini
Higher classification  Microtus
Order  Rodent
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Lower classifications  Mediterranean pine vole, Bavarian pine vole, Lusitanian pine vole, Alpine pine vole, Tatra pine vole

Terricola is a subgenus of voles in the genus Microtus. The authority for this species is Fatio in 1867, but it is commonly given as Flemming in 1828. Species in this subgenus are:

  • Bavarian Pine Vole (Microtus bavaricus)
  • Calabria Pine Vole (Microtus brachycercus)
  • Daghestan Pine Vole (Microtus daghestanicus)
  • Mediterranean Pine Vole (Microtus duodecimcostatus)
  • Felten's Vole (Microtus felteni)
  • Liechtenstein's Pine Vole (Microtus liechtensteini)
  • Lusitanian Pine Vole (Microtus lusitanicus)
  • Major's Pine Vole (Microtus majori)
  • Alpine Pine Vole (Microtus multiplex)
  • Savi's Pine Vole (Microtus savii)
  • Tatra Pine Vole (Microtus tatricus)
  • Thomas's Pine Vole (Microtus thomasi)
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