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Terraformer (comics)

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Publisher  Marvel Comics
Abilities  Plant manipulation
Team affiliations  Force of Nature
First appearance  New Warriors #7
Created by  Fabian Nicieza Mark Bagley Larry Mahlstedt
Creators  Mark Bagley, Fabian Nicieza, Larry Mahlstedt
Similar  Aqueduct, Gargantua, Donyell Taylor, Debrii, Scorcher

Terraformer is the name of a supervillain in Marvel Comics.


Publication history

Terraformer first appeared in New Warriors #7 and was created by Fabian Nicieza, Mark Bagley, and Larry Mahlstedt.

Fictional character biography

Terraformer is a vegetable stimuloid that was created by Plantman. Terraformer gained a mind of his own. Omar Barrenos of Project: Earth recruited Terraformer to join the Force of Nature (which also consisted of Aqueduct, Firewall, and Skybreaker) to fight for the environment.

While protecting a Project: Earth project in the rainforest, Terraformer and the Force of Nature questioned and killed a man to know about the arriving New Warriors.

Terraformer joined the Force of Nature into attacking the New Warriors. Terraformer managed to buffeted and restrained Marvel Boy and Speedball in his vines which he then did to the rest of the subdued New Warriors members as Project: Earth confronted them.

Terraformer was with the Force of Nature when Firebrand II was introduced as Firewall's replacement. With the Force of Nature, Terraformer entered the war-torn Trans-Sabal to cause environmental havoc there. Project: Earth enlisted the New Warriors to enter Trans-Sabal in order to pull the Force of Nature out of Trans-Sabal. While Aqueduct killed General Halladan, Terraformer covered Nova in a deadly mold causing Firestar to hurt him badly.

While imprisoned at the Vault, Terraformer was with Aqueduct and Skybreaker when they joined Wizard and Gargantua in a planned prison riot against the Guardsmen as Terraformer wanted a plant to keep him company and to help him survive. Vance Astrovik was currently incarcerated at the Vault and secured a plant for Terraformer when the riot died down.

During the Dark Reign storyline, Terraformer was with the Force of Nature when Norman Osborn recruited them to the Initiative. Upon gaining Sunstreak as a member of the Force of Nature, Terraformer and the Force of Nature were assigned to be the superhero team for Oregon.

When the Heavy Hitters from Nevada announced their secession from the Initiative, Norman Osborn sent the Force of Nature to deal with them where Terraformer tried to ensnare Nonstop in his roots.

During the Siege storyline, Terraformer joined Norman Osborn, H.A.M.M.E.R., the Dark Avengers, and the Initiative members that are on Norman Osborn's side in the Siege of Asgard. During the battle, Terraformer is sliced almost in half by an Asgardian sword that was wielded by Heimdall.

Powers and abilities

Terraformer has a symbiotic relationship with plants and can communicate with them whenever he required them to do his bidding. He can also wrap people up in roots and vines or cover them in mold. Whenever Terraformer gets dehydrated, he wraps himself up in a cocoon to regenerate.


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