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Terek Pass

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Location  Kyrgyzstan
Range  Alay Mountains
Elevation  3,710 m

Terek Pass (elevation 3,710 m / 12,172 ft.) is an all year round pass in the Alay Mountains in the Osh oblast of Kyrgyzstan. It was historically the principal pass to enter Xinjiang from the central Asia. It is also known as Terek-Davan, Terek-Dawan and Terek-Bavan pass.

Map of Terek Pass, Kyrgyzstan

Pass lies on the principal medieval trading route from Kashgar via Irkeshtam on today's Kyrgyzstan-China border to Osh and Ferghana valley.

Marco Polo crossed the pass to enter China and it was used by Genghis Khan to enter central Asia.


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