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Teradata Warehouse Miner

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Developer(s)  Teradata Corporation
Type  data mining
Stable release  V 5.3
License  proprietary

Teradata Warehouse Miner (TWM) is a software application provided by Teradata for achieving data mining inside RDBMS databases without the need for migrating the data from the data warehouse. TWM is bundled with multiple statistical and machine learning algorithms for analyzing data and creating data mining models. The whole data mining process, e.g. CRISP-DM process, is supported using TWM which includes: descriptive statists and analysis, analytic data set creation, data mining model creation and data mining model scoring. This facilitates Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) which provides business intelligence for organisations.

Supported data analysis & data mining algorithms

Teradata Warehouse Miner supports running on RDBMS databases using ODBC connections. It supports data mining and statistical analysis commonly found in statistical applications.

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Frequency
  • Histogram
  • Scatter plot
  • Data Explorer
  • Data Transformation & Data Reduction
  • Variable creation
  • Variable transformation
  • Data reduction matricies
  • Analytic Data Set creation
  • Statistical Tests
  • Binomial test
  • Chi-squared test
  • Rank tests (e.g. Mann-Whitney)
  • Kolmogorov–Smirnov test
  • Parametric (ANOVA tests)
  • Data Mining
  • Factor Analysis
  • Regression (Linear and Logistic regressions supported)
  • Decision Tree
  • Clustering
  • Association Rules
  • K-means clustering
  • Neural Networks (using a TWM Add-In)
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    Teradata Warehouse Miner Wikipedia

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