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Tequiraca language

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Region  Peru
ISO 639-3  ash
Extinct  ca. mid-20th century
Glottolog  abis1238
Language family  Tequiraca–Canichana? Tequiraca

Tequiraca (Tekiráka), also known as Abishira (Avishiri)* and Aiwa (Aewa), is a language spoken in Peru. In 1925 there were between 50 and 80 speakers in Puerto Elvira on Lake Vacacocha (connected with the Napo River). It is presumed extinct some time in the mid 20th century, though in 2008 two rememberers were found and 160 words and short sentences were recorded.

The little data available show it to not be closely related to other languages, though a distant connection to Canichana was proposed by Kaufman (1994).

*Other spellings are Auishiri, Agouisiri, Avirxiri, Abiquira, Abigira; it has also been called Ixignor and Vacacocha.


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