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Tension (band)

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Name  Tension(band)
Other name(s)  天炫男孩
Genre(s)  R&B/Pop/A cappella

Label(s)  EMI Taiwan
Years active  2001–2006
Tension (band) httpsiytimgcomviHYB7ESThxTEhqdefaultjpg
Influences  David Tao (Producer/Manager)

Olecranon tension band

Tension is a Taiwanese R&B, pop music, and a cappella group that consists of five members. The band was first signed by Shock Records, then signed by record label EMI Taiwan.


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  • Jimmy Hung (Chinese name: Hong Tian Xiang - 洪天祥)
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong, Height: 180 cmVocal Position: Tenor
  • John Baik (Chinese name: Bai Ren Han - 白仁漢, Korean name: Baek In Han - 백인한)
  • Birthplace: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Height: 182 cmVocal Position: Bass
  • Andy Lee (Chinese name: Li Han Zhi - 李涵之)
  • Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan, Height: 178 cmVocal Position: Baritone
  • Brian Fong (Chinese name: Fang Guan Zhong - 方冠中)
  • Birthplace: United States, Los Angeles, Height: 175 cmVocal Position: Tenor
  • Raymond Hu (Chinese name: Hu En Rui - 胡恩瑞)
  • Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan, Height: 173 cmVocal Position: Baritone


    Tension is a Taiwanese R&B/pop group, signed by EMI Taiwan. The band consists of 5 members - Brian Fong, John Baik, Jimmy Hung, Andy Lee, and Raymond Hu. They were discovered during a performance at a local bar in Los Angeles by Taiwanese artist/producer David Tao. A record contract was offered to them a few months after, which sent them all to Taiwan as one of the first Asian-American groups to hit the market. Their first record album, Smart released in 2001, sold over 200,000 copies in a few months, giving them the highest first-week album sales during its release. After their success of touring and promoting their first album, they headed back to the states to work on their second album. While Tension was recording their next album, a legal dispute was placed against their first record label, Shock Records, making the group place a hold on its production. Their second album, Gotta be Your Man, was released in 2003. Tension received Best Album and Best Hit Single at the Singapore awards, and they were nominated at Golden Melody Awards for Best Group. They signed with record label, EMI, for their 3rd album, Planet love, which was pushed for an early release a few months after. They also recorded a compilation album titled "Story".


    As it was said in a TV show per Jimmy Hung, they have disbanded already. 2. After the disbandment, they still kept in close contact, though some of the members are in Taiwan and in America. The reason for the said disbandment was also stated by Jimmy Hung; he said that their music company, EMI wanted them to sing cover songs from Korean and Japanese boy bands which they did not agree on because almost all 5 of their members are composers. He also stated, the reason why they are in the music industry is to create original music and not use other music. In the end after their contract expired, they decided not to renew it, and continue pursuing their dream in a different way.

    Smart (May 2001)

    1. Once upon a time
    2. Smart 聰明
    3. Our Story 我們的故事
    4. Who are we
    5. When I fall in love Tension
    6. Sorry 錯
    7. Good-bye My Love(piano bar jam)
    8. Irresistible
    9. Crazy about you
    10. Good-bye My Love(last dance jam)
    11. Good-bye My Love 先說再見
    12. One afternoon with Brian
    13. Friends 只做朋友
    14. Strange 壞女孩
    15. Our Story 我們的故事(A cappella)
    16. Thank you(interlude)
    17. I'll be with you Tension

    Gotta be your man (May 2003)

    1. Round 1
    2. Challenge 挑戰
    3. She's Having My Baby
    4. Tell Me Why
    5. Gotta Be Your Man 做你的男人
    6. Every Step 一步一步
    7. Arigato
    8. One Minute 一分鐘
    9. I Need You So Bad
    10. One Life One Love
    11. My Angel 恆星
    12. Countoff
    13. Amazing Grace 奇異恩典

    Planet Love (Jan 2004)

    1. Planet Love 愛 星球
    2. Love ATM 愛的提款機
    3. Two Moons 兩個月亮 Tension
    4. She's the one 感情線 Tension
    5. Baby Girl
    6. Miss You
    7. Time Letter 時空信
    8. True Love 愛星球
    9. Always Love You 永遠愛你
    10. Goodbye 是明天的 Hello
    11. Baby Girl(Remix)

    Story (Aug 2004)

    1. 別想檔住我
    2. 離歌 Tension 何啟弘
    3. 我們的故事(A cappella)
    4. 感情線
    5. 壞女孩
    6. Arigato
    7. She’s Having My Baby
    8. Tell Me Why Tension
    9. 先說再見
    10. 一分鐘
    11. 恆星
    12. Goodbye 是明天的 Hello
    13. 聰明
    14. 跟著月亮慢慢走
    15. 愛的提款機
    16. 做你的男人
    17. 愛你失去自己
    18. 同一首歌
    19. 挑戰
    20. 只做朋友
    21. 兩個月亮
    22. 愛 星球
    23. I’ll Be With You Tension
    24. 奇異恩典

    Very tension

    中/英文书 Published on:1 January 2003, ISBN 986-7691-65-2 Tension first confession of how they were formed and their initial journey and pursue in their music career with photos of their daily lives.


    繁體中文书 Published on:11 February 2004, ISBN:9578034601

    A record of the Tension's growth. Complete info on TENSION's childhood, family life, first love, music preference with precious childhood photos and Tension's confession to each other.

    The content of the book is segregated into 4 parts:

    1. When we were kids
    2. When we were in love
    3. When we play music
    4. When we are together

    Charitable events

    Tension participated in the first Yellow Ribbon Charity Concert in Singapore in 2004. Brian specially recomposed the melody of "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" to A Capella version for the official launch of the Yellow Ribbon Project and Yellow Ribbon Fund on 2nd Oct 2004.


  • Doritos
  • PH Land (麗嬰房)
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