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Tenshitachi no Gogo

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Platform(s)  NEC PC-9801
Genre(s)  Dating sim, eroge
Release  JP: June 1985

Tenshitachi no Gogo (天使たちの午後, Angels' Afternoon) is a popular early dating simulation video game released by JAST, for the 16-bit NEC PC-9801 computer in June 1985.

Tenshitachi no Gogo foreshadows modern dating sims. It is an adventure game set in a Japanese high school. The goal is to seduce the star girl of the tennis club, Yumiko Shiraishi. To do this, the player needs to go around talking with her friends and possibly getting intimate with them as well. Its artwork is recognizably modern anime-style, though only in 8 colors. Like most bishōjo games in the 1980s, it had pornographic content.


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