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TennisConnect is a software application introduced by the non-profit Tennis Industry Association in 2004. The system was developed in response to market research critical of the "then present" state of the industry to connect with tennis players using technology.

In the years since, TennisConnect has been used by more than 500,000 tennis players who combine to produce more than 12 million page views per month. Tennis Providers have independently published more than 20,000 pages, 600,000 events, and 18 million tennis court reservations using the system.

The TennisConnect system remains at the foundation of the Tennis Industry Association database architecture. The database has been extended other TIA initiatives including the Tennis Welcome Center project, Cardio Tennis, Tennis Night in America, and Playtennis.com. Collectively these web services provided by the trade association are called the Growing Tennis System.

There is no cost to any Tennis Provider to use the Growing Tennis System, although "points of entry" are offered by a number of third party suppliers that offer subscription and professional services fees.

The newly developed SaaS partnership program creates opportunities for additional developers to connect to the common database, which in turn is expected to generate more content published by the trade, and greater access available to consumers.

Privacy and branding are key characteristics of the TennisConnect system for providers and consumers. TennisConnect subscriptions must be paid for and the revenue from subscriptions supports the system operations without requiring outside "endorsements" (advertising) or the use and sale of consumer data (profiling / mailing lists) as with other "free" services.


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