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Tenet (band)

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Years active  1996–present
Active from  2002
Labels  Century Media
Genres  Thrash metal, Death metal
Tenet (band) wwwcenturymediacommediaartistlarge219jpg
Associated acts  Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Band, Zimmers Hole, Exodus, Dublin Death Patrol, Forbidden, Fear Factory
Albums  thinking out loud, Sovereign, A Feast For The Senses, Mayas Prediction, The Secret Lover, UNO + ONE
Members  Gene Hoglan, Jed Simon, Steve Souza, Byron Stroud, Glen Alvelais

TENET is a heavy metal band formed as a side project by Jed Simon and Gene Hoglan of Strapping Young Lad and Zimmers Hole.



TENET originally started out in the Summer of 1996 for Jed Simon, founder of the band. Together with Steve Wheeler (Zimmers Hole drummer at the time), they started getting Jed's ideas down to demo-tape form, but while both continued along with ZH and SYL, nothing much happened for TENET apart from some casual jam-sessions, which among others also included players like Stu Carruthers (Grip Inc.). Jed then initially met guitar-partner Glen Alvelais (ex-Forbidden) way back in 1997 when SYL was touring with Testament, for who Glen was playing guitar at the time. After quickly becoming friends, Jed eventually asked Glen if he would be interested in playing together in TENET and long years later when they re-connected, Glen’s first question was “Whatever happened to that album we were gonna record?”. They laughed and Jed said “Soon, are you still into it?” His response was “FUCK YEAH!”

After signing a deal with Century Media Records Jed started out working on Sovereign with bassist Byron Stroud (Fear Factory, SYL, Zimmers Hole) as well as drummer Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, The Haunted, Cradle of Filth, Paradise Lost, etc.), but after reviewing the fact that not enough attention could be given to the project by Adrian due to the immense geographical distance and other pending commitments, Jed turned back to his long-time partner in Gene Hoglan (Death, Dark Angel, SYL, etc.) to take care of the final drum duties. TENET was still looking for a vocalist though and after a few auditions were done, Steve 'Zetro' Souza (Legacy/Exodus) turned out to be the perfect man for the album, as he instantly gave the band that 'classic' metal feel that Jed was looking for. Jed quickly flew to the Bay Area twice to first oversee a very smooth vocal recording with Zetro and then later on to mix the album with Vincent Wojno (Machine Head, Kreator, Trouble, etc.). Finally, Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Opeth, Arch Enemy, etc.) was recommended for the mastering of “Sovereign” and the album’s artwork comes courtesy of Travis Smith (Opeth, Death, Nevermore, etc.).

Sovereign (2009)

After many years of delays and setbacks, Tenet finally released their debut album Sovereign on the 20th of July in Europe, and 11 August 2009 in the United States).


  • 2009: Sovereign
  • Band members


  • Steve Souza - vocals
  • Jed Simon - guitar
  • Glen Alvelais - guitar
  • Byron Stroud - bass
  • Gene Hoglan - drums
  • Former

  • Adrian Erlandsson - drums
  • Stuart Carruthers - bass
  • Rob Urbinati - vocals
  • Steve Wheeler - drums
  • Songs

    Take a Long LineSovereign · 2009
    Watching You BurnSovereign · 2009
    Being and NothingnessSovereign · 2009


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