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Native to  Thailand, Malaysia
Native speakers  370 (2014)
Glottolog  tong1308
Ethnicity  Maniq people
ISO 639-3  tnz
Language family  Austroasiatic Aslian Jahaic Maniq

The Maniq language Ten'edn, known in some of the previous literature as Tonga, is an aboriginal Mon–Khmer language of Thailand and Malaya. It goes by the name Mos in Thailand, which it shares with Kensiu. (The name Maniq is also shared with Kensiu.)

According to Benjamin (2011), Maniq (Məniʔ, Maniʔ) can refer to the following three or more speech varieties.

  • Tonga' (Toŋaʔ)
  • Mos (Mɔs)
  • Teanean (Ten'en, Tɛnʔɛn, Tean-ean)
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