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Tempo TV

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Tempo TV was the first non-state TV channel emitted in Greece after the launch of Mega Channel, the ANT1 and Channel 29. On February 1990, Tempo TV started broadcasting under the name New Channel (or just New Channel) and was licensed to broadcast nationwide. The best known emissions of the channel were Logodosmenoi, Chryso Koufeto, To Erotodikeio,and many Greek and foreign music videos. In 1993 the New Channel also broadcast basketball games.

The channel introduced the first Greek journalistic broadcast, which was presented by Makis Triantafillopoulos.The show had the name 'Yellow Type' . Tempo TV also broadcast the first life style show on Greek TV,introducing upcoming artists, and emitting news about celebrities. The show was titled Myths and Reality and was presented by Dimitris Papanotas, also presenter of the first Greek news station. Other known news anchors were Dimitris Konstantaras and Menya Papadopoulou.

New Channel founded by Sotiris Kouvelas, who originally served as mayor in the Municipality of Thessaloniki for two years (1987-1989) and then he was the founder of the municipal broadcasting stations of Thessaloniki (TV 100, FM 100, FM 100.6 and FM 101). New Channel and TV 100 had worked together for some time, sharing similar programs and newscasts.

The station belonged to 'New Channel Broadcasting Co. SA', and in 1999 it passed into the hands of Stabilton SA and was renamed New Tempo. In October 2000 the name was changed again to Tempo TV or simply Tempo. The program changed radically in the effort of upgrading the channel. Famous Greek TV news anchor Nikos Evaggelatos worked there until 2001, when, due to economical reasons, he left.

Eventually the station was unable to overcome the serious economic problems, and in October 2003 ceased broadcasting. Two years later, the frequency was occupied by the stock channel SBC.


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