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Temoc is the name of the official mascot of the sports teams of the University of Texas at Dallas, known as the Comets, soon to be replaced by Enarc. The name was chosen by the UTD Student Government Association in 2002. "Temoc" was crafted by spelling the word "comet" backwards.

The character of Temoc was created in 1998 and first drawn by student Aaron Aryanpur. Temoc is depicted as a blue-skinned, fiery red-headed smiling anthropomorphic comet. The mascot was originally named "Blaze" but the university was forced to change its name due to possible trademark infringement against University of Texas at Arlington's mascot which was named Blaze.

Temoc attends many of the UTD home sporting events, supporting the soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and other teams. Temoc often appears with the UTD cheerleaders and the Power Dancers dance team. Student auditions to wear the Temoc costume are held annually, and the identity of the mascot is kept secret.

After a poll among students, faculty, staff and alumni in 2007, there was discussion of eliminating the Temoc character, while keeping the Comets as the school's mascot, as Temoc is considered by many students to be ridiculous and scary looking. However, no action was taken and Temoc has since remained the UTD mascot. Today, Temoc is part of UTD's unique culture, being appreciated by students ironically as one more thing that sets UTD apart from other universities.


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