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Telshe Yeshiva (Chicago)

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Type  Private, Jewish
Acceptance rate  100% (2010)
Location  Chicago, IL
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Headquarters  Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Telshe Yeshiva (Chicago) (or Telshe Chicago or Telz Chicago) is a Yeshiva (Jewish Talmudical and Rabbinical School) located in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.


In 1960, Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Katz, Rosh Yeshiva of the Telshe Yeshiva in Cleveland, Ohio, established Telshe Chicago as a branch of the Telshe Yeshiva (named after Lithuanian town of Telšiai).


Telshe Chicago is an institution of Torah study devoted primarily to Talmudical studies. It is dedicated to the principle that the Jewish people as a viable and vibrant entity is dependent upon the study and knowledge of Torah and Talmud. Its purpose is to train Torah scholars and to imbue them with Torah ideals and values to enable them to participate as communal leaders and activists on all levels.


At the request of members of the Chicago Jewish Community who wanted a Lithuanian-style Yeshiva in their midst, Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Katz selected a group of exemplary students, led by Rav Avrohom C. Levin and Rav Chaim Schmelczer, to open the Chicago branch. Rabbi Chaim D. Keller joined them a year later.


Among the present Rabbis are:

  • Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Levin (Rosh HaYeshiva).
  • Rabbi Chaim Dov Keller (Rosh HaYeshiva).
  • Rabbi Moshe Schmelczer,(R"M Umenahel) replacing his father, the late Rabbi Chaim Schmelczer.
  • Rabbi Yitzchok Zev Levin (Executive Vice President).
  • Rabbi Shmuel Yeshaya Keller (Rosh Mechina).
  • Rabbi Shmuel Yehuda Levin (R"M in the Bais Medrash).
  • Rabbi Avrohom Lipschutz (Mashgiach in the Bais Medrash).
  • Rabbi Shmuel Gluck (12th Grade).
  • Rabbi Asher Weil (11th Grade).
  • Rabbi Mordechai Mannes (10th Grade).
  • Rabbi Binyomin Ahron Neuman (9th Grade).
  • Rabbi Shmuel Schmelczer (10th Grade and Mashgiach in Mechina).
  • Rabbi Mordechai Eisenbach (9th Grade and assistant Mashgiach in Mechina).
  • Rabbi Ezriel Cziment is the Rosh Kollel. He is the author of sefer Mitzvas Hamelech, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest Talmudic scholars in Chicago.
  • Rabbi Yaakov M. Eisenbach serves as the night seder Mashgiach.
  • Mechina

    The Mechina ("preparatory school"), offers a four-year course for students of high school age in Talmud, Hebrew Bible, Prophets and Jewish law leading to acceptance in the yeshiva division. The Mechina incorporates the Telshe High School, which offers a full four-year senior high school general studies program accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).


    The yeshiva (undergraduate division), offers a five-year intensive course of study in Talmud, Bible, Jewish law and ethics leading to a "First Talmudic Degree", equivalent to a B.A.

    Graduate program

    The kollel graduate school offers a six-year program to students who have completed the Yeshiva course, to research specific areas of Talmudic law and ethics culminating in a "Second Talmudic Degree", equivalent to a master's degree.

    The Rabbinic Division

    Telshe Chicago offers two, two-year programs for students who have completed their undergraduate studies.

  • The "First Rabbinic Degree" - yoreh yoreh semicha ("ordination") encompasses the laws of kashrut ("dietary laws") and shechita ("ritual slaughter").
  • The "Second Rabbinic Degree" - yadin yadin semicha is offered to students who have completed their "First Rabbinic Degree" and encompasses study of the laws of finance, damages, contracts and other financial subjects as defined by the Shulkhan Arukh (Code of Jewish Law) and in Rabbinic literature.
  • Community Institute of Telshe Chicago (City Program)

    The Community Institute of Telshe Chicago is an extension of Telshe Chicago servicing the community with adult Jewish education. Courses offered include Talmud, Mishna, Hebrew Bible, practical application of Jewish law, Jewish philosophy and selections from the works by Maimonides.

    There are scheduled classes in the yeshiva, northern suburbs, and a Chavrusa Community Kollel Program that is held at Congregation Agudath Israel/Warsaw Bikur Cholim in Peterson Park.


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