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Television's Greatest Hits: Remote Control

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Released  1996
Release date  1996
Remote Control (1996)  Cable Ready (1996)
Label  TVT Records
Television's Greatest Hits: Remote Control httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb5

Remote Control the seventh volume of the Television's Greatest Hits series of compilation albums by TVT Records. The album catalog was later acquired by The Bicycle Music Company. In September 2011, Los Angeles-based Oglio Records announced they were releasing the Television's Greatest Hits song catalog after entering into an arrangement The Bicycle Music Company. A series of 9 initial "6-packs" including some of the songs from the album has been announced for 2011.

Track listing

  1. A1 Fish
  2. A2 Night Court
  3. A3 What's Happening!!
  4. A4 Diff'rent Strokes ("It Takes Diff'rent Strokes")
  5. A5 Mr. Belvedere ("According To Our New Arrivals")
  6. A6 Growing Pains ("As Long As We Got Each Other")
  7. A7 Charles in Charge
  8. A8 Silver Spoons ("Together")
  9. A9 Webster ("Then Came You")
  10. A10 Too Close For Comfort
  11. A11 Who's the Boss? ("Brand New Life")
  12. A12 Perfect Strangers ("Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now")
  13. A13 Alice ("There's a New Girl In Town")
  14. A14 It's a Living
  15. A15 Angie
  16. A16 227 ("There's No Place Like Home")
  17. A17 The Golden Girls ("Thank You For Being a Friend")
  18. B1 ALF
  19. B2 Mork & Mindy
  20. B3 Police Squad!
  21. B4 Family Ties ("Without Us")
  22. B5 Moonlighting
  23. B6 Soap
  24. B7 Benson
  25. B8 The Benny Hill Show ("Yakety Sax")
  26. B9 The Young Ones
  27. B10 The People's Court ("The Big One")
  28. B11 Family Feud ("The Feud")
  29. B12 The Price Is Right
  30. B13 Siskel and Ebert
  31. B14 Monday Night Football ("Superstar" (AKA "Heavy Action"))
  32. B15 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ("Come With Me Now")
  33. B16 Fame
  34. B17 The Paper Chase
  35. B18 Fantasy Island
  36. C1 Falcon Crest
  37. C2 The Colbys
  38. C3 Highway to Heaven
  39. C4 The Dukes of Hazzard ("Good Ol' Boys")
  40. C5 B. J. and the Bear
  41. C6 Movin' On
  42. C7 The Fall Guy ("The Unknown Stuntman")
  43. C8 James at 15 ("It's All Up To You")
  44. C9 Eight Is Enough
  45. C10 Baa Baa Black Sheep
  46. C11 Trapper John, M.D.
  47. C12 CHiPs
  48. C13 Vega$
  49. C14 Matt Houston
  50. D1 Cagney & Lacey
  51. D2 T. J. Hooker
  52. D3 Hardcastle and McCormick ("Drive")
  53. D4 Hunter
  54. D5 MacGyver
  55. D6 Knight Rider
  56. D7 Airwolf
  57. D8 The Incredible Hulk
  58. D9 V: The Series
  59. D10 The New Twilight Zone
  60. D11 Doctor Who
  61. D12 Mystery!
  62. D13 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
  63. D14 Roots
  64. D15 Vietnam: A Television History
  65. D16 Cosmos: A Personal Voyage ("Heaven and Hell")


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