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Televicentro (Canal 2)

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Launched  1966
Language  Spanish
Country  Nicaragua
Televicentro (Canal 2)
Owned by  Televicentro de Nicaragua, S.A.
Slogan  El Numero uno en el dos es Usted
Website  http://www.canal2tv.com

Televicentro (Canal 2) is a nationwide terrestrial television channel from Nicaragua owned by Televicentro de Nicaragua, S.A.



Televicentro de Nicaragua, S.A. was founded in December 1965 by Octavio Sacasa Sarria, first broadcast in March 1966. It was the second television channel in Nicaragua, after Canal 6, owned by the Somoza family. The first color broadcasting took place in 1973.

With the triumph of the Sandinista revolution in July 1979, Canal 2 together with Canal 6, became part of the state owned television monopoly known as Sistema Sandinista de Televisión (SSTV), the Sandinista Television System. Canal 2 returned to its original owners at the end of 1989.

In 1996, Canal 2 became the first Central American TV channel to have an official web site. Canal 2 also broadcasts from channel number 7 in some parts of the country.

The most popular shows are: Noticiero 22-22 (tabloid television), TV Noticias (newscast), Primera Hora (morning show), La Tertulia (variety show), El Clan de la Picardia (cultural show, hosted by Carlos Mejia Godoy), Margarita te voy a contar (talk show), Telenovelas produced mainly in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia and popular American TV shows, such as CSI: Miami, Alias, Stargate Atlantis and JAG.

In 2005, Canal 2 signed an agreement with Canal 33 from Costa Rica to broadcast the evening transmissions of Noticiero 22-22 in that country.

In 2006, Canal 2 started live transmissions to the internet. This transmission include all shows produced in the country.


  • TVN Noticias – Editions at 13:00 noon and stellar (18:00), both of one hour.
  • Nicaragua en Directo – Editions at afternoon, Sundays emission.
  • Foreign Telenovelas

  • La Mujer de Judas 11:00
  • Pasión Prohibida 12:00
  • Las Bandidas 14:00
  • Dueña y Señora 15:00
  • Violetta16:00
  • La Tormenta 17:00
  • Cuento Encantado 19:00
  • Flor de Caribe 20:00
  • El Señor de los Cielos 21:00
  • Concluded Foreign Telenovelas

  • Emperatriz
  • ¿Donde Diablos está Umaña?
  • Amor Bravío
  • Rosario
  • Grachi 3
  • Los Canarios
  • La Patrona
  • El Astro
  • Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal
  • " Avenida Brasil "
  • " Rastros de Mentiras"
  • Original Telenovelas

  • las Dos Caras 02:20
  • La República 17:30
  • Sol del Norte 08:30
  • Foreign TV Series

  • Documentales BBC: Saturday 12:54
  • Diarios de Vampiros Sundays 16:00
  • GLEE Sundays 17:00
  • Cuello Blanco Saturdays 14:00
  • Familia Moderna Saturdays 17:00
  • La Doble Vida de Chuck Sundays 15:00
  • Contra corriente (serie)
  • For Youth and Children

  • Patitomanía – A group of foreign programs that consist in cartoons and series.
  • Original Productions

  • La Mañana de la 2 (Lunes a Viernes – 7:30)
  • Espetaculos Televicentro (Viernes – 1:00)
  • NTD (Sabado – 01:20)
  • Domingo Fantastico (Domingos – 4:20)
  • Special Events

  • Miss Mundo Nicaragua
  • Repeaters

    Channel 7 in some zones of the country.


    Televicentro (Canal 2) Wikipedia

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