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Telephone numbers in Mongolia

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Country Code: +976
International Call Prefix: + or 00, some phone companies have 003 on discount services, Mobicom offers a calling scheme 1699p<CC><area><phone># for the globus express service
Trunk Prefix: 01 or 02

National Significant Numbers (NSN): eight digits

Domestic long distance access code (Mongolia Telecom network): 01 Domestic long distance access code (Mongolian Railway network): 02


AC - Access code ArC - Area code EC - Exchange code SN - Subscriber number SIC - Service identification code OSC - Operator selection code

Area codes

Allocation of the area codes is as following:

Capital region Central and Northern region: 3X or 3XX or 3XXX Western region: 4X or 4XX or 4XXX Eastern region: 5X or 5XX or 5XXX Area code of Aimag: XX (3X, 4X, 5X) Aimag center: XX2 (3X2, 4X2, 5X2) Sum center: XXXX (3XXX, 4XXX, 5XXX)

Length of the area code is one to four digits. +976


Telephone numbers in Mongolia Wikipedia

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