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Telekinesis (comics)

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Publisher  DC Comics
Team affiliations  Wanderers
Creators  Mark Waid, Barry Kitson
Created by  Mark Waid Barry Kitson
Abilities  Psychokinesis
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First appearance  Supergirl andf the Legion of Superheroes # 28 (May 2007)

Telekinesis is a mysterious character who appeared in Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes 28, as a member of a rival team to the Legion, the Wanderers.


Fictional character biography

Telekinesis is an alien who apparently lacks arms or legs, and moves by levitation. He was recruited by Mekt Ranzz to be a member of the Wanderers, a covert mercenary team of metahumans created by the Earthgov. Little is known about his history before joining, and he gives little away by talking, as he speaks very little. It was later revealed that he and the Wanderers have worked together with the Legion of Super-Heroes to battle the Dominators.

When the public got to know that the planet Dominion had been blown up on the demand of Cosmic Boy (although the truth was that it was sent to the Phantom Zone), Brainiac 5 manipulated data from Vrax Gozzl so that they would suggest that it was Mekt Ranzz's idea to implode the Dominator homeworld, and that Titan Girl then psionically planted the thought in Cosmic Boy's mind. When Mekt Ranzz was arrested, Telekinesis and the other Wanderers disappeared.

Powers and abilities

Telekinesis has psychokinetic powers which allow him to move solid objects with his mind. He can move an object roughly three times his own bodyweight without strain, anything higher and he cannot move it at all. He uses his power to levitate himself as he has no legs, and moves objects mentally in place of using his arms (which he does not have)


Telekinesis (comics) Wikipedia

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