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Original author(s)  Jeremie Miller
Website  telehash.org
Development status  Active
Initial release  first prototype in 2010; 7 years ago (2010)
Stable release  2.0 / 2013; 4 years ago (2013)
Written in  C, Python, Ruby, Erlang, Javascript, Go and Objective-C

Telehash is a peer to peer data distribution and communication protocol that is designed to be decentralised and secure. The protocol is licensed under the Creative Commons Public domain.

Telehash is also a set of implementations of the protocol which is still in heavy development. As a security-sensitive application, it has yet to receive a third-party security review. TeleHash is similar to BitTorrent Sync in that it allows users of the software to share data securely without any central server authority. There are implementations in C, Python, Ruby, Erlang, Javascript, Go, and Objective-C.

Telehash is used in the Locker project, and is planned to be used as a communication and file transfer mechanism in Git annex as well. It is also used in the IBM-Samsung's ADEPT proof-of-concept, with Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Telehash Wikipedia

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