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Tekle Haymanot of Gondar

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Reign  18th-century
Successor  Tekle Giyorgis I
House  Ethiopian Empire
Predecessor  Baeda Maryam
Dynasty  Ethiopian Empire
Similar  Fasilides, Haile Selassie, Frumentius

Tekle Haymanot was proclaimed Emperor (nəgusä nägäst) (February 1788 – 1789) of Ethiopia by the former followers of Baede Maryam. He set up his palace in Gondar, and ruled there for about a year. He may be identical with the Emperor "Haimanot" mentioned by Henry Salt, who ruled for a year between Iyasu III and Hezqeyas and had died before 1810.

Tekle Haymanot of Gondar is sometimes given the title Atse, a less familiar Amharic word for "Emperor", to distinguish him from the other Emperors of Ethiopia with the same name. Since he was not recognized as a legitimate ruler, he is not assigned a number.


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