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TekNap is a Napster-compatible client for file downloading and on-line chatting with colorable text, originally named BWap. It is a console client, designed to administer OpenNap servers, and capable of administering most aspects of SlavaNap servers.

Derived from the Unix/Linux based IRC client, BitchX, TekNap runs in a command line environment natively on *nix OS machines and on Windows machines using a Cygwin dynamically linked library (.dll file.) called cygwindevo.dll.

It connects to servers using the napster protocol such as OpenNap and Slavanap. It can connect to IRC servers too.

TekNap also comes with an extensive scripting language that allows for advanced configuration and automation of server administration tasks. The scripting language is almost identical to that of the EPIC IRC Client and BitchX, making it easy for a user familiar with these clients to transition to TekNap comfortably. There are also a vast number of Trivia games and text drawing versions of TekNap available.


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