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Tejada (surname)

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Pronunciation  Spanish: [teˈxaða]
Related names  numerous
Meaning  from "Teja" meaning ‘(roof) tile’ or 'lime tree'
Region of origin  Seville and Castile, Spain

Tejada is a surname of Spanish origin. It is locational from the town of Tejada, and is recorded heraldically both in La Rioja, Seville and Castille.

The distribution of Spanish births, are most common in Seville with (9.57%) of people with the surname and it being their first surname, Madrid (7.90%) Barcelona (7.85%), Granada (6.83%) and Badajoz (6.71%).


  • Rick Tejada
  • Cosme Gómez Tejada de los Reyes (died c. 1661), Spanish writer, poet and dramatist
  • Manuel de Velasco y Tejada (born 17th c.)Spanish commander
  • Martín Fernández de Navarrete y Ximénez de Tejada (1765–1844), was a Spanish sailor and historian
  • Miguel Lerdo de Tejada (1812–1861), Mexican statesman and leader of the Revolution of Ayutla
  • Miguel Lerdo de Tejada (composer) (1812-1861), Mexican composer
  • Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada (1823–1889), jurist and Liberal president of Mexico
  • Manuel Aguirre de Tejada (1827–1911) Spanish politician and lawyer
  • José Joaquín Tejada (1867–1934), Cuban painter
  • José Luis Tejada Sorzano (1882–1938), President of Bolivia
  • Francisco Elías de Tejada y Spínola (1917-1978), Spanish scholar and politician
  • Lidia Gueiler Tejada (1921-2011), President of Bolivia
  • Luis García Meza Tejada (born 1932), former Bolivian dictator
  • Raquel Tejada (born 1940), Bolivian-American actress
  • Alberto Tejada Noriega (born 1956), former Peruvian football referee
  • John Tejada (born 1974), Mexican-American music producer
  • Miguel Tejada (born 1974), Dominican baseball player
  • Carlos Tejada (born 1980), Venezuelan volleyball player
  • Luis Tejada (born 1982), Panamanian football striker
  • Francisco Jiménez Tejada (born 1986) Spanish footballer
  • Rubén Tejada (born 1989), Panamanian baseball player
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