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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Reptilia
Suborder  Lacertilia
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Squamata
Family  Lacertidae

Teira is a genus of lizards in the family Lacertidae. The classification within this family is unstable and Teira is sometimes treated as a subgenus of Lacerta or Podarcis. Up to three species are included in Teira but the evidence for a close relationship between them is weak. They are small to medium-sized lizards reaching up to 235 mm in length. They are native to northwest Africa, the Madeiran islands and the Selvagens.

Species list

  • Madeiran Wall Lizard (T. dugesii): the type species. Native to the Madeiran archipelago and the Selvagens and introduced to the Azores and Lisbon harbour.
  • Moroccan Rock Lizard (T. perspicillata): native to Morocco and Algeria and introduced to Menorca. Sometimes placed in the genus, Scelarcis.
  • Atlas Dwarf Lizard (T. andreanskyi): High Atlas mountains of Morocco. It's now placed in the genus Atlantolacerta.
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