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Teide 1

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Magnitude  17.76
Apparent magnitude (V)  17.76
Constellation  Taurus
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Similar  119 Tauri, Gliese 229, UX Tauri, Gamma Tauri

Teide 1

Teide 1 was the first brown dwarf to be verified, in 1995. It is located in the Pleiades open star cluster, approximately 400 light-years (120 pc) from Earth.

This object is more massive than a planet (55 ± 15 MJ), but less massive than a star (0.052 MSun). The radius of the brown dwarf is about that of Jupiter (or one-tenth that of the Sun). Its surface temperature is 2600 ± 150 K, which is about half that of the Sun. Its luminosity is 0.08–0.05% of that of the Sun. Its age is only 120 million years compared to the Sun's age of 4.6 billion years.


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