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Tegarama was a city in Anatolia during the Bronze Age.

The city contained a palace, a karum and an Assyrian colony office. It was important in terms of trade which included tin, textiles, wool, slaves and wine. The city was inhabited during the Old Assyrian Kingdom and Hittite Empire.

The city was sacked by Isuwa during the early reign of Tudhaliya III. During his victorious campaign against Mitanni, Hittite king Suppiluliuma I halted in Tegarama and inspected his forces before attacking and capturing Karkemish.

The exact location of the city in Anatolia is disputed. Oliver Gurney placed Tegarama in Southeast Anatolia. Others have located it in central Anatolia near the town of Gürün, Sivas about 90 miles (140 km) east of Kanesh. One theory is that the name of the city was 'moved' to another settlement during the history.

The city is sometimes associated with Biblical Togarmah.


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