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Tegali language

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Native to  Sudan
Ethnicity  Tagale
Region  Nuba Hills
Dialects  Gom Tegali
Tegali language
Native speakers  (44,000, including 8,000 Tingal, cited 1982–1984)
Language family  Niger–Congo Rashad Tegali

Tegali (also spelled Tagale, Tegele, Tekele, Togole) is a Niger–Congo language in the Rashad family spoken in Kordofan, Sudan, in and around the town of Rashad. It is closely related to Tagoi.

There are two varieties, Rashad or Gom (Kom, Ngakom, Kome) and Tegali proper. Ethnologue states that they are nearly identical, and they were considered a single language in Williamson & Blench 2000, but Blench ms treats them as separate languages. The erstwhile language Tingal is a dialect of Tegali.


The Tegali language is spoken on two mountain ranges to the north and north-west of the Rashad village. It is also spoken in the Kordofan Province, specifically in the Nuba Hills region.


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