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Taylor's Dummies

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Taylor's Dummies is a physical theatre production by the Gecko theatre company. The play has scored rave reviews not only in local but national press, due to the sheer energy and intelligence that the performers utilise. The play uses dozens of witty techniques that distort the audience's perception and understanding, such as top-down views (a performer sits on the wall at the back of the stage), people running up walls and flying, and cleverly scaled sets.

The story is very abstractly told, and follows the story of Taylor (played by three performers) after a chance encounter with a beautiful woman. The plot then plumbs the depths of male desire, and also references Taylor's childhood. One effective scene is where one fully grown performer walks up to a huge door, creating the effective illusion that he is a child.

The sound and music to Gecko's production is also outstanding - the music is composed mainly of 1950's jazz, interspersed with intense, live drumming and even a doll of a baby singing 'Fly Me To The Moon'.


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